A faculty member giving 1:1 guidance to a student

Faculty Mentorship

Working collaboratively is core to the 69精品视频 experience. You鈥檒l learn from nationally recognized professors 鈥 and they鈥檒l learn from you too.

Push the limits of knowledge, together

Let your curiosity lead. What have you always wondered? What have you always wanted to know? What would you like to learn? Whatever drives you, our faculty are here to guide you.

Each one is an experienced scholar and outstanding teacher, who chose 69精品视频 because of the opportunity to work closely with students. In class, during office hours and on research trips, they鈥檒l challenge you to dig deeper and go further, to think thoroughly and to communicate confidently 鈥 ultimately empowering you to tap into your full potential. As they challenge you, they鈥檒l also champion your success, whether with course material, academic advising or career exploration. It鈥檚 this level of commitment, in and out of the classroom, that sets our faculty apart.